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Popular Trends in our Dog Clothing and Collars

Since the autumn air is finally growing to be more crisp and the leaves have begun to fall, the autumn trends in collars and clothing are growing. Our T-Shirts featuring Halloween and Thanksgiving are becoming one of the popular choices when searching our shop. Some of our collars are joining that trend as well, because they have a more fall feel to them.

Every pup deserves an occasional colour change to go with the seasons, just as we do. The orange, yellow, brown and plaid colours are growing popular, and so are the Holiday themed wear.

Our Trending Fall clothing:

- Wicked Cute

- Shake Your Booty

- Mommy's Little Monster

- Pugkin Spice

- Turkey Football Nap

- Gobble Til You Wobble

Our Trending Fall Collars:

- Houndstooth dog collar

- Cosmos dog collar

- Medusa dog collar

- Rustic brown/aqua floral collar

- Aqua marble dog collar


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