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Best Puppy Breeds to Potty Train

The biggest trouble for anyone when they get a new dog is potty training them. When adopting a puppy many people are concerned on if they're potty trained or not, because some breeds are exhausting to teach. What's most interesting when it comes to training any dog, is that some breeds are notorious for being great at pleasing their owners while others don't care as much.

Some of the best breeds of dogs for quick training are:

  • The Australian Shepherd

  • German Shepherd

  • Border Collie

  • Boston Terrier

  • Doberman

The Australian Shepherd takes the cake for being the best dog to not only potty train but to train overall. They love to please their owner and can be trained to be very helpful. This makes them a very popular breed for farmers to have.

It's no surprise that the German Shepherd is up there. Not only are they also of the Shepherd family, but these dogs are used for large tasks like working with Police. If trained well, they can focus on a sole task and keep themselves from losing interest.

The Border Collie is very similar to that of the Australian Shepherd. It is also used as a herding dog and loves to please their owner. Border Collies are known to be a little more timid than Australian Shepherds when it comes to other people, but it is one of the most intelligent breeds.

Boston Terriers are also a great breed for training, and they don't require as much maintenance as the rest. They have short hair and don't need much exercise. They are a great family pet that can be taught quickly. They are playful and tend to get along well with both children and cats.

Lastly, the Doberman. This breed is also a great family pet like the Boston Terrier. They can become protective of their owners even including children. This dog breed is great at getting along with other animals in the home as well as people. This breed was also once used as a police dog.

If you want to read more about these breeds and hear about some of the worst dogs to potty train click here. Thanks to Wamiz they mention some of the easiest breeds to train as well as some of the most difficult.

Until next time,

Alanna - House of Furbaby

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