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Hot New Wedding Trends for 2021

Wedding parties are currently undergoing a big change in tradition. The typical wedding party with bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, and ring bearers has become far less traditional and a lot more personal. Couples are now creating wedding parties that are special and unique to them; they’re surrounding themselves with their kids, parents, grandparents, and pets.

Breaking with tradition, many couples are asking their father to be the best man or having their children serve as maid of honor and groomsmen. Brides and grooms are on a trend to create the bridal party that fits them instead of doing what is expected by tradition.

Some couples have grandparents fill atypical roles in weddings like grandmothers serving as flower girls and grandfathers as ring bearers. Men are standing up with the bride as a “bro-maid” and women are standing up with the groom as a “groom woman”. Likewise, more children are standing up as bridesmaids and groomsmen and, overall, couples are welcoming kids into the wedding party in more advanced ways than just flower girl and ring bearer.

Want to be on trend this year? If so, you’ll want to include your pet in your wedding! Couples are sharing their love of a pet by having their dog or cat be a bridesmaid, groomsman, ring bearer, or flower girl. They’re no longer just making a cameo appearance at weddings, they’re full-fledged members of the wedding party. If you’re planning a wedding, show how much you love your pet and include your four-legged family member in your wedding.

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Sherrill & Friends at House of FurBaby

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