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We gobbled til we wobbled

So the sun is setting on another blessed Thanksgiving Day. We are so happy to have a warm home, cozy beds, and furparents that did not forget to drop a few table scraps today.

The Black Friday deals are calling our names, and we so hope

our Christmas wishes do come true! From puppy coats, puppy collars, and bowtie collars, House of FurBaby has all their new lineup ready to go.

But us furbabies truly hope that for those without a furbaby, they hit the shelters over the next few days- there are so many free pet adoptions going on and puppy adoptions at discounted rates for Black Friday, we hope many fellow furbabies find a new home this holiday season.

Cheers to you, your pet, and maybe even a furry new little addition if you find space in your home and heart for a pint size pal.

Happy Thanksgiving!- Britney and Simon

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