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Most popular pet costumes

This Halloween, getting creative with your pet's costume is where it's at! Of course, they should be sporting a House of FurBaby sparkle Halloween tee the entire month, but on the night of the Great Pumpkin, what are some trends we're seeing?

Well, many folks have caught onto the knitting craze, and there are some incredible hand knitted Halloween costumes on Etsy, with characters like lions, snails, frogs, and more. Adorable unicorn hats, pumpkin hats, and Ewok ears are perfect for a dog Halloween costume that's easy to take off and get on. Our top 10 Halloween pet costumes in no particular order, are:

1. Dog witch

2. Dog referee

3. Anything glow in the dark

4. Superwoman

5. Dog princess

6. Dog Ninja warrior

7. Hotdog costume

8. Sports team shirt dog

9. Devil dog costume

10. Pineapple

Make sure to keep those pets warm, cute, and well lit, if they are out on the prowl for candy with you! Cheers, and Happy Halloween from our pets to yours!

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